A proper mould design will ensure quality plastic parts will be produced for the intended life of the mould at the expected cycle time. Correct injection mold design has the following benefits:

1. Quick mold setups

2. Faster cycle times

3. Quality parts

4. Low reject rate

5. High productivity

6. Long mold life

7. Long molding machine life

8. Higher employee morale

Usee Plastic Mould Factory has a group of experts who work exclusively with each client to establish the best options and specific requirements for each product , prototype or design you want. Our main design and manufacturing software are listed as follows:Unigraphics(3D) Pro/ENGINEER(3D), Solid Words(3D) Master CAM (3D), Cimatron(3D), Auto CAD(2D) . We are able to accept and deal with many kinds of electronic files, such as dwg,dxf, x_t, prt, step, stl, IGS and so on. Our products have got standard of inner and overseas.

HASCO/DME/LKM design standard are available in Usee Plastic Mould Factory.

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