Mould Specifications:
Item:disposable cutlery mold, tableware mould, spoon mould,fork mould,knife mould.
Sort:kitchen ware mould,plastic mould, injection mould.
disposable cutlery mold with standard hardness for cavity and core,usually 718/H13/NAK80 steel for cavity and core(or according to customer’s designation), high speed injection, fully automatic ejection system, filter design in order to stop waste material come into the mould cavity.
Usee Mould Services:
(1).Usee Mould is good at making all kinds of plastic mould.
(2).Send quotation list in time.
(3).Have really senior technical consultant to help solve mold skill issue.
(4).Follow mould making time, will not delay the delivery time.
(5).High efficiency, competitive price.
(6).every 5-10 days, Usee Mould will send customer mould machining process by photo or video.
(7).Usee Mould always use good machine to mould processing in order to ensure mould quality!
(8).After-sales Services: Experienced engineers will provide all-round technical solutions to any problems occurred in customers' mould operation.
(9) Usee Mould always keep to good quality, sincere attitude,do best jobs. Since Usee Mould knows nobody want to get bad goods after spending money.

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