Taizhou Usee Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd., a professional and excellent plastic mould maker. It is located in Huangyan City (known as “Mould Town of China” ), Taizhou, Zhejiang, China.

We are especially in making kinds of plastic mould fields:
Commodity Mould(plastic household articles mould, plastic furniture mould), such as chair mould, table mould, crate mould, trash can mould, basket mould, bucket mould, storage box mould, basin mould, container mould etc.
Cutlery mould (plastic disposable tableware mould), Such as spoon mould, fork mould, knife mould, food container mould, cup mould, thin-walled container mould, red wine cup mould, plate mould etc.
Box mould, Such as turn over box mould, storage box mould, flower pot mould etc.
Usee Mould Believe that quality is the top prority.
Usee Mould also believe that Business is from heart and base on sincerity.
Choose USEE MOULD, you can get very good quality mould; choose USEE MOULD, your mould have long life; choose USEE MOULD, you can get good service.
Please contact us for more information on our Plastic Injection Mould Tooling service.


Usee Plastic Mould Factory, not only make mould, but also do molding service for customer, we can design new product for you and help you develop business.

We sincerity hope you join USEE MOULD, we can build good business partner together.

USEE MOULD will give you good service and good quality mould and moulded products.

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