60 cavities spoon mould

    60 cavities spoon mould made for Russia customer.

    core & cavity steel H13, muld base P20

    3 point hot runner. 

    spoon weight 1.2 g 

    PS material 

    run in high speed machine 368 T, cycle time is about 7 seconds. 

    Our cutlery moulds range includes knife, fork, spoon cutlery sets, standard spoons, soup spoons, small dessert spoons, forks, sporks, knives, stirrers, cups, trays made from different types of plastic materials. 

    We believe that a good design is the heart of a cutlery mould, therefore, we specially focus on the mould structure: cooling, venting and moving mechanism are the preconditions to achieve the high quality moulds and short molding cycle time. All cutlery moulds are carefully designed, from the parts analysis to the moulds general assembly and assessment of part processing, we organize project engineers, designers, mold makers and technical directors to participate the project evaluation conferences more than three times for each cutlery mould. With above efforts, we do our best to maximize mould life and minimize maintenance work.

    We popular steel in the market or use the steel appointed by customers. Such as S45C, P20,  H13, S126,2316, 2344, SKD11

    steel do vacuum hardening 46-48 HRC, also 50-52 HRC.