UGE-IML Series

Top Entry In Mould Labeling Machine

(widely used in cosmetics container packing, industrial container packing, food packaging etc.)
Top Entry In Mould Labeling Machine
Top Entry
Top Entry In Mould Labeling
NO. Component Brand Original
1 Controller(PLC) LYS (LAVICHIP) China
2 Pack Mechanical UGE DEVELOPMENT China
3 Inventor INOVANCE China
4 Servo motor INOVANCE China
5 Reduction gears SHIMPO Japan
6 Bearing NTN Japan
7 Flexible SUN Japan
8 Linear guide HIWIN Taiwan, CHina
9 Linear guide Elatech Italy
10 Pneumatic valve AirTAC Taiwan, China
11 Drive cylinder AirTAC Taiwan, China
12 Hydraulic buffer AirTAC Taiwan, China
13 Cable YC China
14 Air pipe AirTAC Taiwan, China
15 Intermediate relay SCHNEIDER France
16 Negative pressure meter PANASSONIC Japan
17 Inductive switch Autonics China
18 Electrostatic generator SIMCO America
19 Vacuum Pump BECKER Germany
Remark: This configuration table is only for standard machine configuration, does not contain special engineering content. In case of slight difference due to technical improvement, the same brand level will be guaranteed without further notice. The actual installed machine will be the standard.